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Build Your Design Portfolio Website in Webflow 

This is perfect for you as a designer, if you’re setting up your own portfolio for the first time, or are in need of a portfolio revamp. 2 Week Program to build Design Portfolio in Webflow

Guided by Rakesh Mondal, Zomentum

Program Overview 

Your online portfolio should promote your talents and capture the essence of your individuality. It separates you from the competition. Make your online portfolio as unique as you are. Here’s how to do it.

During this Program, Designer Rakesh Mondal will break down the steps needed to build your portfolio on Webflow and explains why it’s his favorite tool for creating a portfolio.

This is 100% hands-on program.


   Before putting your online portfolio website together, answer these questions:

  • What type of work do I want to do?

  • Who are the potential clients I want to attract?

  • How will my portfolio function to further my career?

    What is minimal criteria?

  • Your portfolio Mockup should be ready.

  • Mockup design can be either in Sketch / Figma / Adobe XD format.

  • All layers should name Properly

  • All content should be ready.

  • Free Webflow Account.

      What will you Learn

  • Introduction

  • Intro to Webflow

  • Adding an Item

  • Adding a Page

  • Using Content Management System (CMS) to update Regular work example or case studies

  • How to host with actual domain.

    At the end of this program

  • Your Webflow site will be ready in the Staging URL <yourname>

  • The website will be 100% yours and if you want you can host this with your custom domain

  • You will do hands-on live with me. and it will be live cast in youtube and LinkedIn from my social media handle.

  • What we will not do in this program

  • No Mock-up design / visual design

  • No content creation

  • Only content recommendation

  • Recommendation for best practice.


Duration: 2 weeks 


Starting Date: 1st November


Price: Free 


Intake: 10 designers per cohort 

About the guide 
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Rakesh Mondal

Rakesh is a UX Product Designer, He solves problem via user experience (UX) design & interaction design, brings your product or project to the higher level and add more value into it with added minimalistic UI Design.

He specializes in web and mobile app design, UI / UX design, and work with a variety of clients with a focus on cultural and commercial projects within the disciplines of art and design.,

What you will do as part of the program

 Task 1: Define users of your UX portfolio

Task 2: Select the right projects for your

Task 3: Make non-visual projects visual

Task 4: Mock-up ready for

  • Homepage

  • Project Detail Page

  • About Page

Task 5: Layout your portfolio

Task 6: Mock-up Design checklist

What you will get out of this bootcamp? 

Curated resources for all tasks

Get the right resources to get your tasks done in the best possible way

Live Sessions 

Join sessions to get an overview of the topic from your guide 

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Request to book 1-1

Based on your progress, you can book up to two 

1-on-1 sessions with us 

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Peer to peer chat group on WhatsApp 

You can chat with your peers who are working on the same project

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Guided feedback 

Guides will provide targeted feedback on all your submissions 

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Join Future Events by the guide

Join YouTube & LinkedIn Live with Rakesh to show case the process of building the design Webflow

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What founders & designers say about Rakesh 
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Rakesh helped us extensively in our website redesign ( and implementation on webflow. His expertise, familiarity and passion for webflow enabled us to go live within days.


Rakesh was timely in his feedback and professional in his conduct all through. Highly recommended

Praveen das,

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Rakesh has been very helpful in navigating on webflow 

and his understanding of design tool is amazing. 

Highly recommend his mentorship for young designers. 

Shankar Ram, StayQrious 

100% Immersive Experience 

If you are thinking to improve your career on data science.
Let us help you with it.