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Get Started With Financial Investments with guidance

2 Week Whatsapp based guided program to help you get started on your investments. The coach will guide you until your first investment live on whatsapp. 

Guided by Yaswant Adiraju , Investment Expert

Program Overview 

In today's volatile economy, smart saving and investing have become a necessary step to plan for the future. There are many options for one to save, but to invest by taking a risk in exchange for a potential higher return is not natural to many.

In this two week program, the participants will be taken through portfolio building and assessing the market landscape to pick effective trading/investment strategies. to create your powerful resume giving you a clear advantage in the job market.

Who is it for

  • Interested to learn & start investing their money 


What you get

  • The distinction of asset classes and their inter-dependency.

  • Fundamental analysis of the Equity and Commodity Market with a focus on Qualitative Analysis.

  • Trading with indicators - Moving Average, Bollinger Bands.

  • Investing in the Post-COVID markets.

Expected outcomes 

  • Get Started with your investment portfolio  


Duration: 2 weeks 


Starting Date: 11th October


Price: Rs 1000 Per Person 


Intake: 5-8 people per cohort 

About The Guide 

Yaswanth Adiraju

Yaswant Adiraju has been investing in capital markets for the last 6 years. He comes with a background in Futures and Options investing in commodities on LME, CME and MCX. In a professional capacity Yaswant is a consultant helping business in understanding forward-looking landscapes and help plan future course of action for companies at scale.

He has worked with over 50 small and medium business as a Primary Consultant. Currently he is working with Amazon as a Performance and Growth Specialist at Amazon.


What you will do as part of the program

Task 1: Create an Asset Class mix for your Portfolio

Task 2: Create a market landscape report and identify the top 5 stocks to fit the Portfolio.

Task 3: Devise an Investment Strategy with notes on entry and exit ideas, risk profile and tolerance for each asset class in the Portfolio.

What you will get out of this bootcamp? 

Curated resources for all tasks

Get the right resources to get your tasks done in the best possible way

Live Sessions 

Join sessions to get an overview of the topic from your guide 

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Request to book 1-1

Based on your progress, you can book up to two 

1-on-1 sessions with us 

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Peer to peer chat group on WhatsApp 

You can chat with your peers who are working on the same project

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Guided feedback 

Guides will provide targeted feedback on all your submissions 

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Showcase your work 

You will have a investment portfolio for yourself and can share with your peers

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Yaswanth has been a great guide to me for personal investment decisions. His understanding of different asset classes is quite good. 

- Shrrinesh, Accel

100% Immersive Experience 

If you are thinking to get started with investments. This is a great program to start your investments with help of an expert

Let us help you with it.